Zero tolerance for criminals in our suburb

On the safety and security side Sunninghill Gardens has:

  • Security Access monitoring points manned by security personnel 24 hours a day at both our entrances.
  • A dedicated pro-active patrol vehicle that pro-actively patrols, observing vehicles and pedestrians, ensuring that gates are closed and homes are secure.  This vehicle is paid for by The Sunninghill Gardens Homeowners Association with levies received from our members.  Those that wish to be linked to this vehicle
    for armed response only pay a monitoring fee directly to our Security Provider,
    Savika Armed Response, making armed response far more affordable than other
    areas. In addition there is a manager’s vehicle.  This manager checks response times, that patrols are carried out according to our Service Level Agreement and that the vehicles remain in their dedicated areas.
  • In addition we have live CCTV cameras at both or entrances and in various streets in our suburb. We have a total of 19 cameras installed and monitored live.  These camera’s have provided and continue to provide vital information and evidence to our local Police on suspected crime activities and crimes committed. There have been a number of arrests and successful convictions directly attributed to footage and information from our cameras.
  • In near future Sunninghill Gardens plans to install number plate recognition software at our entrances which will be linked to various databases.  These cameras will alert the Savika Control room in Sunninghill and the SAPS immediately a vehicle with false or wanted number plates tries to enter our suburb.

Sunninghill Gardens can proudly say that we have of the lowest crime for an area of our size in the entire Sandton.





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