Cell phone masts in Sunninghill Gardens

24th April 2015

A large number of objections to the proposed mini cellphone masts were received by The Sunninghill Gardens Homeowners Association.  These objections have been handed over to our Ward Councillor.  We will keep you posted as to any new developments.


26th March 2015

Dear Residents

Attached please find the information on the proposed mini cellphone masts to be installed in Sunninghill Gardens.  If you have no objection to these masts it is not necessary to respond.  If you do not want these masts in the area it is very important that you do.  Silence on these issues amounts to approval.  Should you wish to voice your objection please do so and send your objection to our office – sungard@worldonline.co.za and we will ensure that each and everyone of them reaches our Ward Councillor – Councillor Deppe.  An example is listed below.  We have 2 weeks in which to object so it is vital that you do so without delay

Letter from SGHA – download here Cellphone mini masts

EMSS information provided – download here EMS

City Power Lighting infrastructure project overview – download here City Power Lighting Infrastructure Project Overview 11Mar15

Sample letter  of objection – download here – Generic letter of objection – sample

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