A busy two days in Sunninghill

Rumours have a way of spreading faster than we can get the news out to our residents, so before they spread too far and change too much, here is an update on the last two days.

  • There have been concerns voiced by residents after seeing Savika and JMPD vehicles next to Chilli Lane yesterday. A greenbelt operation was performed at both ends of the K60 yesterday by JMPD assisted by Savika Armed Response to address the growing squatter problem in those areas. An additional operation is planned soon to address the area near the Keg and Filly.
  • The burnt out Taxi on Van der Bjil/K60. Yesterday afternoon a taxi was parked at the side of the K60 when a red Toyota Tazz with 3 occupants in it pulled alongside. They pulled the driver away from the taxi, made him lie down and then threw a bottle of petrol over the taxi and set it alight. The suspects jumped in their vehicle and drove off towards Woodmead. We have footage of this vehicle on our Suncomm cameras. The numberplates had been removed. We have no way of knowing if this is in anyway related to the taxi violence that occurred in Kyalami the same day and day before. We ask residents to keep their eyes open and report any sign of what could be taxi fights or violence to the Savika Control room 086 172 8452. The fire from this spread rather rapidly and thanks to the Fire Dept, who were on the scene quickly it was all brought under control.
  • Last night a lady who works at Bosco’s restaurant was robbed of her handbag on her way home on the K60. A Savika vehicle passed her a few seconds later and she flagged him down. The Reaction officer responded swiftly and arrested the suspect. Sandton Saps were called and he was handed over to them. The victim proceeded to the Police Station to make a statement. WELL DONE SAVIKA!!
  • In Sunninghill Estates last night Savika responded to an Alarm and a phone call from a neighbour, a housebreaking was in progress. The Savika officers arrived quickly and chased the suspects who jumped over the wall to escape. A warning shot was fired into the ground which resulted in the suspects dropping the goods, which included TVs. All the stolen goods, minus 1 TV were returned to the victims house. The missing TV was found in a nearby property this morning early and returned. Although unfortunately the criminals were not caught, WELL DONE to Savika for their swift response which resulted in the house breaking being stopped and all the goods being returned.
  • To view events in Sunninghill as they happen, visit the Sunninghill Community webpage
    https://www.facebook.com/SunninghillRatepayers . Log into our webpage: www.sunninghillnews.co.za and register to receive urgent info by subscribing to our bulk sms system.

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