Bad Saturday afternoon/evening for Sunninghill.

This Saturday past was a rather nasty one for Sunninghill and not just because we lost the rugby again in the 11th hour.

  1. At 17h15 a resident, her sister and two children was returning home from Woodmead. She noticed a black BMW behind her in Maxwell Drive but at this stage it did not seem suspicious.  As she drove into the entrance of her complex in Sunninghill Park she noticed the black BMW was still behind her, but thought nothing of it as there is a resident in the complex that has the exact same car.  Tinted windows don’t help.  She pulled up into the driveway of her unit and this BMW stopped behind her and 3 men jumped out and hi-jacked them and took her Audi S3.  We are very grateful, that although traumatised the two ladies and children were not hurt at all.   On checking our Sunninghill Community cameras it does not seem as if the victims were followed from Woodmead, but that the suspects pulled up behind them somewhere on Maxwell Drive.  The victim’s vehicle left the area 6 min later heading towards Woodmead.
  1. At around 19h45 an armed robbery occurred at PIZZACASSO at the Sunhill shopping centre on the cnr of Tana and Naivasha Road. Two suspects came into the shop posing as customers, behaving in a very friendly manner, allowing other customers to order first. Once they were the only customers left they took out fire arms.  The one held up the staff behind the counter the other one went to the back looking for the manager. They ordered everyone to the back room and told them to stay on the ground and demanded cash, which was given to them and they then walked out the shop.

What was amazing was that no-one was aware of what was going on in the shop.  The customers in the shop had no idea that criminals were in the shop with them.  One of these customers placed his order and then went to sit in his car to wait. He then came back into the shop and called for someone to assist, asking if his pizza was ready.  One of the suspects came out from the back and told the customer that it was not quite ready yet and told him to return to his car and wait, which he did.  He did not suspect a thing (thankfully), only wondered why his food was taking so long.  A while later he saw two men walking out the shop very casually and thought they were customers.  It was only a few minutes later when he saw a lot of activity in the shop did he realise that something was amiss.  The staff ran out to him telling him they had just been robbed.

Please note that there has been an alarming increase in armed house robberies, follow from the shopping centre robberies and now car jacking in Sandton and surrounding areas in the past few weeks.  Please be observant and alert to your surroundings.  Most car jackings happen on resident’s driveways when entering or existing your properties and robbery with fire arm incidents happen on resident’s driveways, mostly when they have been followed from Shopping centres.  Check for smart, powerful and expensive cars behind you with a number of occupants (3 to 4), if you should see such a vehicle, contact Savika immediately or press your Suncomm panic on your phone.  If you do not have a Suncomm Panic, please visit our website and subscribe.  In car jackings and robbery with fire arms this could be the difference between being a victim or not.

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