FTTH to freestanding houses in Sunninghill Gardens

24 July 2015

FROM METRO FIBRE NETWORX – residents to please email Linda Gildenhuys with comments and or questions – sungard@worldonline.co.za

Good evening Linda

Attached find a screenshot of the preliminary plan for an aerial fibre network to connect all the residential houses in the eastern side of Sunninghill. I estimate it to be in the order of 250 houses but it maybe more.

As Jacques explained to you the most cost-effective solution to connect all the houses to the system is to use an aerial network that is routed at the back gardens of the houses. It also will enable MFN to implement the the network within 6 to 8 weeks. If an aerial system is acceptable to the home owners we can implement the total aerial network before the end of September 2015.

The blue lines in the picture illustrate the proposed positioning of the aerial routes to connect all the houses. All the aerial routes will be at the back of the houses on the borders between houses (typically what Telkom used originally to distribute telephone services to houses). Where we need to cross roads or other public areas, we will trench short routes so that the aerial network will not be visible from the street. The orange lines shows the proposed areas where trenching will be required.

The green line represents our existing cable route which will feed the aerial route.

The poles that we will be using is typically 7m long (planted at 1.5m deep and 5.5m above ground) and 200mm thick. It will almost not be notable at the back gardens of the houses. The cable which we will be using is maximum 10mm thick. The poles will be normally planted at the corner where four properties meet and the drop lines to the four houses will then

Please let us know what the response is of the home owners. We are also open to any suggestions from the owners to minimise the visual impact of the poles.

The major drawback is that we will need to get access to a number of properties to plant the poles and to string the cable, but we can implement a good access and identification system to ensure security of all the properties.

I have not indicate the cctv camera positions which you will need but you can determine the positions and we will ensure that we lay fibre to each position (will be required that we transit via one or more properties to lead fibre out to the street.

Hope it help for your meeting. If you need any additional info please do not hesitate to phone me.


Freestanding houses FTTH2

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