Crime in Sunninghill

Dear Residents,

Last night residents of Sunninghill Gardens were victims of an armed robbery. The resident came home at around 18h30, drove in, closed the gate behind him and parked his vehicle in the garage. He did not close the garage door as he was going to go out soon to fetch his child. A short while later his wife saw two men in the garage, her husband came to see what was going on and both were asked to be calm and lie down on the floor. They were robbed of the jewellery on them and two laptops. The criminals were calm and not aggressive. They took the items mentioned above and disappeared. The victims remained where they were for a few minutes and then phoned Savika. No trace of the criminals could be found. What we do know is that these criminals were on foot.

Over the past few months we have seen an increase in crime, specifically in Sunninghill Gardens. Two complexes have been targeted, but specifically one has been targeted more than the other. In fact crime in the other complex stopped once we ascertained the entry point. The crimes committed are mostly the theft of laptops and items that can be carried. Some small items such as ipads and in some cases cell phones have also occurred. IN ALL THESE CASES THE CRIMINALS WERE ON FOOT. Once the crime has been committed the perpetrators jump over walls and through properties to avoid detection. In many of these cases residents have only found out that they were robbed when they arrived home from work or when they woke up in the morning.

A few months back we reported to you on an armed robbery in Dukana Road. Here the same items were stolen and now again in the exact same street a robbery with almost exactly the same MO occurred. The suspects were two in number and the physical description is almost identical. IN BOTH THESE ARMED ROBBERIES THE CRIMINALS WERE ON FOOT.

Savika have pieced together a lot of information on this crime trend. Polygraphs have been performed and interviews done and circumstantial and other evidence put together. They will be meeting with the Sandton Saps to discuss their findings and concerns. We cannot at this stage give you any more information except to say:

Please ensure that you are alert, keep doors locked, gates closed (you won’t believe how many gates are left open where Savika have to ask residents to close). Make sure your alarms are working and your panic buttons too. We also suggest that you install the tracking app on any smart phones and or ipads you might have.

Please ensure that you have copies of your gardener’s documents. Make sure they are legally in the Country and that they have legitimate working permits. In fact we would go so far as to suggest that you send us copies of these documents so that Savika can organise proper checks to see if they are authentic and that there are no criminal activities associated with them. To do this please email with this paperwork.

The Criminals in Sunninghill Gardens, we believe could very well be working and living amongst us.

Linda Gildenhuys

Sunninghill Community

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