Driveway robbery warning

On Saturday at around 14h30 a resident of Sunninghill Gardens was the victim of a driveway robbery. She and her husband were followed from Woodmead Retail Park, they stopped at Sunninghill Village and so did the criminals to wait for them. They were then followed home and robbed on the driveway. We suspect that there was a spotter at Woodmead Retail who noticed the rings the lady was wearing. Her rings and her husbands watch were stolen.

We did manage to obtain very clear video footage from a number of cameras in Maxwell Drive and in Sunninghill Gardens, including the face of the driver. They vehicle is shown below but the face we have given to the saps and will not at this stage publish as we do not want to jeopardise the case.

Once again we urge residents to make sure they are not being followed. Check your review mirrors regularly and if you feel you are being followed drive to the booms or a busy shopping centre and press your remote Suncom Panic button and Savika will come to your assistance. We also urge residents (although you should be able to) to not wear expensive jewelry when you go out.

We are glad that although traumatised our residents were not hurt.


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