29th April 2015 update

CRIME: Crime and criminal activity in Sunninghill has increased in the past few weeks.

Squatters – we have had an increase of squatters moving into the river area and road reserves in Sunninghill. In an endeavour to keep this under control Sunninghill Community requested assistance from the JMPD. On Wednesday last week the JMPD, assisted by Savika Armed Response (the other security companies who offered to assist, never arrived) performed a raid on all known sites of squatter activity. The JMPD came in full force, with some 52 Metro Officers and many vehicles. The squatters were all removed. The JMPD also performed a raid on the job seekers outside Builders Warehouse and a stop and search outside the taxi holding area in Witkoppen road. We would like to thank the Region A JMPD for working with us and assisting us. The squatter problem is becoming more and more of a challenge and we have requested the assistance of Ward Councillor in getting Province to come in and clear the road reserves in Sunninghill.

House break-ins – there have been a number of housebreakings and attempted house break-ins along Naivasha road in complexes bordering on the K73 road reserve. We do know that the criminal in these cases is on his own, is not a squatter and we suspect he comes from Leeukop Prison grounds. While doing an investigation, Savika came across this person’s house breaking tools, which he had hidden in the bush in the road reserve. They also recovered a school bag taken in a house breaking, a GoPro camera which was stolen in another house breaking. The school bag and GoPro were handed back to their owners. Extra security has been brought in and those complexes whose electric fences were not working have been notified (after Savika tested them). We would here like to mention that all three complexes whose electric fences were not working, were under the impression that their fences were 100% in working order. Please do not just assume this is the case, even if the control panel indicates they are. Electric fences need to be tested regularly.

Suspicious vehicle – A resident of a complex in Sunninghill came home to find the complex gate standing open. When she drove in the gate would not close. Upon further investigation she found that black tape had been put over the gate sensor. As the sensor was black this was not obviously visible. This tape is put over the sensor to ensure that the gate does not close, which then allows criminals access and prevents the gate from closing them in the complex. Luckily this resident was observant and no crime occurred. The complex does have cameras at the entrance and unfortunately the quality was not good enough to obtain any registration number of the vehicle. What we do know however is that this vehicle was a large white BMW with a sunroof and that the suspect who placed the tape on the sensor was wearing a blue overall. Please be alert to this and ensure that the gate of your home or complex does close after you have driven through. It is a good idea to move these sensors inside the property out of reach and close enough so that they still fulfil their purpose.

SERVICE DELIVERY ISSUES – we continue our fight to have various service delivery issues resolved.

  1. City Parks have come to the party and assisted us once again with the cutting of the grass along the K60 /Van der Bjil Road. This is Provincial land and they are supposed to maintain it but we seem to get no assistance from them. Thanks to City Parks for your help. City Parks has also cut the weeds growing through all the paving in the area and have sprayed these weeds to prevent them popping up again for awhile. They have also cleaned up Maxwell Drive and will in the next few months be redoing Maxwell Drive. The stones and plastic under the stones is just not working and is causing the trees to die. This they have acknowledged and are busy with plans to make changes here
  2. Johannesburg Road Agency – were on strike but are now back at work and have filled “some” of the potholes in Sunninghill. We continue to fight however to have the many other potholes fixed. We suggest if possible to avoid Malindi Road altogether as it has become almost impassable and dangerous. We are also pressuring them to remove the root in Lingerette Road which has become a danger to vehicles driving here after City Parks cut down the trees causing the problem.
  3. City Power – we are nagging on a daily basis to have the many streetlights that are not working fixed. If you have streetlights not working, please report them to Rob on suncommunity@iafrica.com so he can report them. At the same time when they are fixed please pop him a mail to tell him.

There are many other issues to fill you in on but these will be addressed in our next newsletter which will come out in the next week or two.

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