Sort of good news

WELL DONE SAVIKA: A crime is a crime. Savika stopped a truck that has been dumping building rubble in Sunninghill. The driver had no id and no license and the reg was hidden under the seat. They kept him on site and the metro were called. They impounded the vehicle and arrested the driver

NEW SUMMERCON DEVELOPMENT:   Yesterday Rob, I and a resident of Cumziko Close met with the developer of the new Summercon development and today Rob and I met with the security company who has been assigned to look after this properly.


  • They will be launching this weekend.
  • The first part of the build will be the perimeter walling.  The wall will be between 2.5 and 2.8m with an electric fence.
  • They will endeavour to keep the dust levels down by spraying with water when possible.  They used to be able to put a meter on a Council water connection and fill up their tankers.  This however has been stopped, so obtaining water can be problematic, but they did assure us they would try their best
  • The attitude of the developer was accommodating and friendly.  He was more than happy for folk to contact Rob with any concerns during the building.  Rob will then facilitate by taking these problems to them.  They seemed to be keen to address any concerns before problems arise.


  • As mentioned above the perimeter wall will be built first
  • They will not have a lot of people on site – approximately 5 at night
  • There will be a security guard on site with communication to their office/control room
  • They were more than happy to work with us and welcomed Savika doing patrols through the building site, both during the day and specifically at night.
  • We will be implementing communication between the Savika Control room and their control room.  There will also be communication directly from the guard on site to Savika.  They generally use ADT for their response but agreed that ADT were not in the area permanently and the response time could be anything up to ½ hour.  As a result for this build, Savika would be called for assistance.
  • They too were happy to work with us in ensuring this process is drama free
  • If you do have any concerns during the build – re security please pop me a mail.

In general we were happy with the meetings and were met with positive friendly bunch.  We will monitor how it goes and will do whatever we can to ensure that things run smoothly.  We must mention, however that all residents close to this building site need to do their bit too.  Please test your alarms regularly to ensure Savika are receiving signals.  Be extra cautious about leaving windows and doors open or unlocked.

SUNNINGHILL SHELL: Sunninghill Shell have been a wonderful supporter of the community of Sunninghill for years. Today I received a mail from the owner offering a donation towards the Sunninghill Community Security initiative. Thank you Mike, every little bit helps us in our fight against crime and in keeping Sunninghill the safe suburb it has become known as. If you have some spare time on Friday, please pop along to The Sunninghill Shell garage. They will be having a fun day to welcome residents back from their school holidays. and will be handing out some goodies and there will be some nice prizes to be won etc. They are inundated by calls from our community when load shedding kicks in, and it seems residents get really nervous and concerned regarding fuel supply etc. They do have a big generator (For more than ten years now) and are able to run for long periods without Eskom Electricity. Our community don’t need to panic. They have informed me that if there are serious issues that will affect our community (From a fuel supply point of view) they will communicate to us to share. I might just mention that they deliver diesel to most of the office blocks/parks/centres in Sunninghill including Sunninghill Village. Sunninghill Hospital and Waterfall Hospital are their priorities though and receive preference when the calls come in. They only deliver during office hours to their local customers for safety reasons. THANKS SUNNINGHILL SHELL FOR YOUR COMMUNITY MINDEDNESS!!

Nice to be able to share some good news for a change. City Parks are also in the process of a clean up in the area and this morning could be seen spraying the weeds in Maxwell Drive. As far as the JRA are concerned, well now ….. they did fill one hole in Leeukop Road, we live in hope that before we are too old the others will be done to.

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