To keep you in the loop

To keep you in the loop:

  1. Crime Warning: We have seen an increase in criminal activity in Sunninghill since Tuesday this week:
  • There was an attempted breakin in a complex in Sunninghill Estates on Tuesday night.
  • The electric fence at the Sunninghill Office Park was cut last night (Tuesday); the criminals were spotted by the guard and ran away.
  • A resident in Dukana Road spotted an intruder in her property at 05h30 Wednesday morning. He jumped over the wall and disappeared before the Security arrived.
  • There was a house robbery in Dukana Road at approximately 20h00 on Tuesday night. The suspects surprised the victim in his kitchen. They came in the sliding door which was open, held him up, tied him up and made off with his computer, cell phones, watch and R500. No vehicle was seen or heard. We do have a reasonably good description of the two suspects and video footage from the Sunninghill Gardens cameras, with potential suspects is being scrutinised and will be handed to the Sandton Saps for further investigation.

As a result of this spate of increased criminal activity, we ask that all residents, contact the Savika control room on 0861 728 452 and arrange to test your alarms and panics. Do NOT simply test your alarm as you might be calling the vehicle away from a real emergency. Phone the control room, you don’t need to identify yourself, inform them you wish to test your alarm, and they will identify/confirm who you are if your alarm is working. It is the responsibility of each resident to ensure that his/her alarm is working and that the control room is receiving signals. If you, in an emergency need to press your panic button, DO NOT PRESS REPEATEDLY, as should you do so the second signal could cancel the first. Press and hold down firmly for a few seconds. Please be careful of leaving doors and windows open.

In light of this increase in crime at night, we have arranged to bring additional security in until things settle down again.

  1. The latest newsletter is on the web – or for Sun Gardens residents
  2. Residents in Sunninghill Estates: Specifically in Cumziko Close and Rutherford Road and Inyanga Complex in Simba Road Sunninghill Park: Sunninghill Community have set up a meeting with the Summercon Developer and their security company to put in place safeguards during the building of the new complex on the cnr of Kilindini and Nanyuki Road. We will give you feedback after this meeting.
  3. Potholes: There are a number of potholes in every part of Sunninghill at present. We have, we believe reported them all, but pop us a mail if you have one close to you and we will check that it is on the list. This is a frustrating problem at present as the time that it is taking to fix these is unacceptable. The JRA has been on strike – we continue to fight to have these sorted out.
  4. Communication: Continues to be a problem for us, with more and more emails bouncing due to security firewalls. Many emails bounce and many end up in spam folders where they are not seen. We are thinking of implementing an sms service where we notify our members of news on the web, facebook or for crime alerts etc. Let us know your views on this.
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