Armed Robbery

An armed robbery took place yesterday afternoon at a complex in Sunninghill Gardens. The victim had drawn R40 000 from Standard Bank in Rivonia to pay wages. He was followed.

The suspect vehicle was a white Ford Bantam bakkie which appeared to have 2 occupants in it. When they held the victim up in the complex an additional 3 suspects jumped out from the back of the bakkie, which had a canopy on it. There was a witness who phoned Savika. The robbery took 3 min.

Upon leaving the area the Tudor guard was not aware of the robbery but saw a gun in the suspects hand. He did the wise thing which was to hide behind the pillar. This forced the suspect to get out of the vehicle and open the boom himself. As a result not only do we have details of the vehicle but a very clear facial shot of one suspect. This was handed to the saps and given to all security companies immediately.

I cannot emphasise enough DO NOT DRAW LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY FROM BANKS. These criminals were not cruising Sunninghill but we’re drawn into the area by negligence. We live in a Country where everyone is aware of the dangers of doing this. Not only were these criminals drawn into Sunninghill but such negligence put the lives of our residents in jeopardy

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