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More FTTH and FTTB news:

As a follow on to our last email on FTTH and FTTB and the recently published article by

We have partnered with the underlying fibre infrastructure provider (Metro Fibre Networx) who is providing us the physical fibre links for our CACTI cameras. They in turn have approved resellers who are offering internet services and packages via this fibre infrastructure.

These resellers are CMC NETWORK and GREENCOM. We recommend contacting both resellers – to ascertain who can provide the best deal and pricing for your specific needs. A website and facebook page will shortly be up and running where you can show your interest.



If you live in a complex in Sunninghill, either CMC NETWORKS or GREENCOM might be contacting you to do a site survey on the infrastructure and ducting existing within the complex itself which will determine how the fibre will be brought into the complex and to the units themselves. Whoever contacts you to do this survey – ensure that you check out BOTH resellers packages to ensure you have a choice as to who you wish to do business with and who has the best package for you.

More news and details to follow soon. Watch this space……..

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