Urgent crime warning


This vehicle was involved in a driveway robbery in Sunninghill Estates this week. The victim was reversing out of her driveway when she was blocked by the above vehicle with 4 males inside. She was robbed of her possessions. The above footage plus other footage has been handed over to the Sandton Saps. What is of concern is that it seems like this was an opportunistic crime as the lady concerned was definitely not followed.

Violent crime which occurs in driveways or on the street, where victims are robbed of jewellery, cash, laptops, phones and ipads is on the increase in Sandton and surrounding areas and we have seen an increase in Sunninghill too.

  • Please do NOT draw large volumes of cash from banks.
  • Keep your valuables locked in your boot
  • Be careful when entering and exiting your home or complex – you are the most vulnerable here
  • Preferably if you can reverse into your garage – so you have some way of escape. This also allows you to see what is going on outside when leaving your property.
  •  When arriving home do not drive into your complex or home if you see any pedestrians or vehicles close by. Rather drive around the block
  • Remember criminals use high powered vehicles such as the one above. Popular vehicles criminals use are Mercedes Benz; Audi and VW Golfs
  • Check cars around you. Make sure you are not being followed.
  • If you observe any vehicle with 3 or more male occupants in it, phone the Savika Control room to check them out. They might be innocent OR NOT


PLEASE help us help you be safe in our suburb.

Linda Gildenhuys

Sunninghill Community Security

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