Pikitup and Xmas Party for children

RECYCLING:        Many of you would have found a bundle of rolled up plastic left at your home towards the end of last week.  Some inquisitive people opened this bundle of plastic to find a brochure from PikiTup regarding the beginning of Recycling in Sunninghill.  Some others less inquisitive might have thrown it away.  Although not very well advertised, this is never the less excellent news for our suburb.  What it basically means however is that now on a Thursday when you put your normal garbage out for collection, you may now too put out a clear bag filled with all recyclables, such as tins, bottles, plastic, cartons etc all in one bag with your normal non-recyclable garbage in the black bags in the bin as previously.  You can in addition use the thick re-usable bag supplied for paper, cardboard etc.  Put this all out together on Thursday and Pickitup will collect.

XMAS PARTY FOR SUNNINGHILL CHILDREN:   To be held in the Sunninghill Gardens Park this Saturday the 30th of November.  There has been a lot of work put into this event by the sponsors with lots of small presents and yummy treats for the kids.  Santa will be there at 11h30 so don’t be late.  We are not sure how Santa is arriving; this is to be a surprise.  All we know is that Linda Lazarus Property Brokers have organised for him to be transported from Lapland to our sunny Sunninghill.  See you all at 11h30 on Saturday.

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