Crime trends November 2013

Crime in Sunninghill is on the increase as is expected at this time of the year.  We must ask you all to be vigilant and security wise.  Sunninghill is one of the safest areas in Sandton but that does not mean we must become complacent.  In the past two weeks we have seen a significant jump in crime.  There have been a few cases of “on foot” crimes and attempted crimes where items such as laptops, purses etc have been stolen through open windows or where windows have been forced open.  These cases have occurred randomly in Sun Park; Sun Estates and Sun Gardens.  There have also been two armed robberies.  One in a complex in Sunninghill Park (we are still investigating this crime and cannot offer any opinions or information on it at this stage) and the other a Cell phone shop in Sunninghill, here with the help of the Shopping Centre and our security CCTV cameras we were able to identify the suspects.

From our side we will be stepping up and reorganising and re -motivating our security personnel as they too can become complacent.

Pleas ensure your alarms are working – phone the control room and test.  Don’t just test as you might be calling the reaction vehicles away from a real incident. Make sure your alarms are armed.  If you have need to press your panic button don’t press it repeatedly, press once and hold down for a few seconds.  Pressing repeatedly can cancel the first signal.  Put mothballs on your sensors (I do this and it works well in preventing false alarms).   Listen to your dogs and those of the neighbours – believe it or not they are talking or shouting a warning.  Be observant of vehicles behind you or near your home.  Never take a chance.  Phone Savika 0861728452 if you are concerned.  If you have Suncomm Panic and suspect you might be followed, press your panic and if you are a subscriber, have a Smartphone and have not moved onto the new GPS system with accurate tracking please see the email sent and do so or contact me on

If you have any concerns pop me an email –

Linda Gildenhuys – Sunninghill Community Security/ Sunninghill Gardens HOA

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