Shootout in Sunninghill

Yesterday afternoon at around 16h30 a Sandton detective was sitting in traffic in Bowling Road heading towards Sunninghill when he noticed a silver Mercedes Benz come racing past him on the wrong side of the road.  The detective put on his blue lights and chased the vehicle.  The Mercedes was chased all the way up Nanyuki Road and decided to turn right into Tana in the effort to escape.  Once they had done so they must have seen the Sunninghill Gardens booms at which a number of vehicles were stationery waiting to be signed in by the guards.  The Mercedes overtook these vehicles and crashed through the exit boom with the Saps detective behind them.  They turned right into Gazi Road, left into Naroko and once in Dukana turned into Mirwani Road where they opened fire on the Sandton detective.  The criminals jumped out of the moving vehicle in Kitale Close where one suspect was fatally shot by the detective.  Two suspects jumped walls of properties until they found a house where the resident had come out to see what was going on.  They held this poor man up and took his Hyundai i10 and escaped.

There is a lot more to the story and some of the above might not be 100% accurate but this is the summary of what happened.  The suspects it turned out had just committed a crime in Gallo Manor and were escaping when the detective saw them and gave chase.  The Mercedes was abandoned with lots of evidence inside which we are sure will assist the Saps in apprehended those that got away.

The entire episode was quite horrific with the Savika control rooms being inundated with panics, Suncomm Panics and phone calls from terrified residents who heard all the shots.  Every dark cloud however, does have a silver lining.  In this case the criminals were not in Sunninghill Gardens committing a crime, but ended up there in an attempt to escape and the most important was that considering the time of day, number of vehicles and pedestrians around – we thank God no one was injured.

PS if there is any resident who is suffering trauma, please contact me on 083 440 2381 so that I can organise trauma counselling for you.

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