Savika arrest criminals


As is the norm as we draw closer to year end the crime in the entire Sandton begins to rise.  We have started noticing this trend in Sunninghill as well.  With all forms of bad news there comes some form of good news or lessons learnt.

BAD NEWS 1: You would all have seen the email that went out about the double car-jacking that occurred on Sunday.  Although there have not been any arrest in this case yet, we did receive an email from the victim and I quote a small section of this email.  I have left out the name and details of the victim:

POSITIVE 1Dear Linda, My name is xxx and I’m the new owner of xxxx who was hijacked on Sunday. I am sending you this email just to extend my sincere appreciation to the Savika team who came through immediately. They were very kind, professional and gentle with us.  

Thank you Savika although we are terribly sorry that these residents had to go through the trauma they did, we thank you for the role you played in comforting them and giving them support.   It is this and the many stories similar that make you stand out above the rest.

BAD NEWS 2: unfortunately last night a resident in Sunninghill heard what sounded like someone in his home.  This turned out to be true.  Luckily he never confronted the suspects but called for help from Savika.  The suspects were on foot and ran away.

POSITIVE 2:  With the help of the victim Savika were able to track a cellphone that was taken and arrested both suspects at a filling station in Sunninghill.  One of the suspects was identified as having been a contract worker who was previously involved in renovations at the victim’s home.  Both reaction officers involved in the arrest will be receiving a reward from Sunninghill Community Security.

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