Building activity and crime threat

Dear Residents

Please take note that there is an unusual amount of building activity in Sunninghill Gardens at the moment.  Although this is very good for the area it does bring with it the threat of criminal activity.

Over the past week we have received reports of two incidents of theft in Sunninghill Gardens.

1 occurred in Lilima Crescent.  There was no forced entry at all and it remains a mystery as to how the criminals gained entry.  A large flat screen TV was taken and a camera.  It is suspected that the criminal / s were on foot.

1 occurred in Lingerette Road in the early hours of the morning.  Burglar proofing was forced open and a laptop and expensive video equipment taken.  Here again it is suspected that the criminal was on foot.  In addition to this there is extensive building activity close to this house.

In both instances the house alarm was not on as the residents were at home asleep.

We urge all residents in Sunninghill Gardens, especially if you have building activity close to you (which amounts to just about the entire suburb) to be aware of what is going on around you.  Please make sure your house is properly locked and windows closed when you go to bed at night.  Please also make sure that your alarm is on.  If you do hear any “strange” noises at night or dogs barking contact the Savika Control room on 0861 728 452 and ask them to send the dedicated vehicle to investigate.  Never think the “noise” is nothing.  Rather be safe than wake up to find you have been a victim of crime.

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