Crime update for Sunninghill


Housebreakings in Sunninghill remain low as do armed robberies in the home, save for one in a high density complex in Sunninghill Park where two on foot criminals gained access and held up the victims in their sleep.  They stole a number of items and drove off in the victim’s car.  How access was gained to this complex remains a mystery.

Theft out of motor vehicles has decreased due to the remote jamming detectors purchased by both Chilli Lane and Sunninghill Village and we would like to thank them for their efforts in fighting crime.  Theft out of motor vehicles are still however being committed at The Core and Keg and Filly and we ask both of these to join Sunninghill Community Security and attend our crime prevention meetings so that we can eradicate crime here too.

We have seen an increase in crime where victims are followed from the bank after having drawn large volumes of cash.  There have been three of these crimes committed recently where victims were held up at the entrances to their places of employment after having been to the bank.  We also ask that you NOT draw large volumes of cash from banks as this makes you a target for criminals.  Theft from and of motor vehicles have also increased in office parks in Sunninghill and here again we call on the businesses in Sunninghill to become part of Sunninghill Community Security and our fight to ensure Sunninghill remains crime free. 


A list of Accredited Estate Agents can be found on the Sunninghill Community Website  Not only do these Estate Agents fulfil all the legal requirements for Estate Agents (you will be surprised at how many don’t) but they have taken a pledge to fight crime in Sunninghill by becoming members of Estate Agents Against Crime.  They have taken a pledge to screen buyers and those who wish to rent through the right channels and to the best of their ability.  They have taken a pledge to place the security of those letting out their properties and our residents in Sunninghill above the desire to make money “no matter what”.

We urge residents to only deal with our Accredited Agents.  There have been two unpleasant incidents in Sunninghill recently – one where the Sandton Saps arrested 4 suspects involved in car-jackings in a complex in Sunninghill Park and another incident where a house was let out and within a month or two there were around 20 individuals living in this house illegally.  You don’t want this to be your property and you don’t want to live next door or close to a property like this.

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