Crime trends

A few housekeeping items you should know about:


As expected at this time of year we are seeing a steady increase in crime.  It is necessary to make you aware of the trends so that you can avoid becoming a victim:

  • On foot crimes which are not common during the year are now surfacing.  These crimes are difficult to control without your  co-operation and help.  95% of these crimes are occurring during the      night.  In most cases residents inform us that they went to bed at      22h00 and woke up in the morning to find they had been broken into or that things were missing but there was no forced entry due to windows etc being left open.  Criminals on foot avoid the roads due to the fact that they are aware of our patrol cars.  The trend we see is them jumping walls and stealing from properties in close proximity to one another on the same night.  Please ensure that your windows are secured and that your alarms are set.  Do not leave valuables in view of windows etc.  Valuables like cell phone, camera’s, handbags and laptops are being stolen.  Most of these are visible from the window.  If you have outside beams make sure they are on.  If you hear any noises press your panic or your Suncomm Panic on your cell phone so that Savika can come and check your property.  These crimes are occurring in both free standing houses and cluster /townhouse complexes.
  • Vehicle related crimes have also increased but not as substantially as the on foot crimes.  The recent vehicle related crimes have all been performed by a silver Mercedes Benz.  The criminals driving this vehicle – are changing the number plates frequently.  As a result of this and the fact that there are so many of these vehicles on the road, it becomes very difficult to stop.  Stop them we will however.  When seeing a vehicle such as the one attached, look to see how many occupants there are in the vehicle. If there are 3 or more male occupants, contact the Savika Control room on 0861728452 or if you have a Suncomm Panic button press it and the control room will contact you.  Savika will then despatch their vehicles to investigate.
  • Although this crime has not as yet occurred in Sunninghill it is occurring all over Sandton and that is handbags being stolen from trolleys, from those visiting restaurants etc.  Please ensure your handbag is secure and closed at all times.
  • Again as we approach Christmas Sandton has over the past week experienced two incidents were clients withdrew money from the      bank, where followed and then robbed.  Avoid drawing large volumes of money from banks and make sure you are not being followed.
  • Lastly with regards to our Security Initiative, Sunninghill Community Security wish to thank Sunninghill Shell for their      donation towards our work in eradicating crime in our suburb.  To      thank the Community for their ongoing support, Shell donated R26 000 to  Sunninghill Community Security.  This money will be used to strengthen our crime prevention infrastructure in Sunninghill.  It is  wonderful to have a business that gives back to the Community in which they do business.


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