Smash and Grab warning

A year ago Sunninghill Community obtained sponsorship from Cochrane Steel to erect a ClearVu fence along the Bowling Avenue bridge as you enter Sunninghill.  This fence was installed to stop the wave of smash and grabs we were experiencing, around 3 per week, where the criminals were coming up the embankment from the freeway.  Since this fence was installed we have not experienced even one smash and grab at this previous crime hot spot.

Many of you will have noticed that during the course of this past week the Clear Vu fencing disappeared.  Sunninghill Community was able to ascertain that without any prior notice to us, the sponsors or anyone else, the fence was removed by the Metro Police.  This was done, after a year, for allegedly contravening a City of Johannesburg bylaw.  After investigation it was ascertained and the Metro Police acknowledged that they have our fence and are holding it at their facility in town, where we can fetch it once we have paid a fine of R2115 plus R85 per day storage.

We would like to warn our residents that this bridge is now once again a crime hot spot and that there is a real danger of you becoming a victim of smash and grabs.  Please be alert when stopping at the traffic light just before the bridge, entering Sunninghill.  Keep you cell phones out of site and your bags and laptops locked in your boot.

Sunninghill Community is in the process of trying to sort out this unfortunate and confusing situation.

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