Crime update

Crime update:

Sunninghill’s crime thankfully has returned to its low numbers after a hiccup in the beginning of September.  Theft out of motor vehicles at shopping centre’s continues, however to haunt us.
This past week up until last Thursday, Sunninghill experienced 5 incidents of crime.  All 5 of these were theft out of motor vehicles, 1 at Sunninghill Village and 4 at Chilli Lane.  We once again urge our residents and visitors to our suburb to not leave valuables in your vehicles and to ensure that when you lock your cars with your remotes that they are indeed

Suncomm Panic – our first success story.

Although we hope that those that have signed up for the Suncomm Remote Panic never have an occasion to use it our control room did receive our first genuine panic activation this week.  A young lady who lives in Sunninghill in one of the complexes was returning home from a party at around 01h00 when her car gave trouble.  She was driving up the K60 and stopped on the cnr of Nanyuki Road when her car broke down.  Scared with it being so late at night and no-one to call for help she pressed her Suncomm panic.  As the network signal in Sunninghill is good and as she had put a photograph of herself and the details of her vehicle on the Suncomm site, she was soon found by the Savika Patrol vehicles.  Not only did they take her home and tow her car to her complex, but the control room got hold of her panic recipients to let them know that all was well.  We are grateful that it was not a life threatening emergency but it was good to see the system in action and working. 

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