Every year as we approach the festive season crime increases as criminals begin their Christmas Shopping.  What is of concern in Sandton is that it seems to have started early and the crime seems to be of a more violent nature.  In Sunninghill we have also noticed an increase in activity and Sunninghill Community Security has over the past few days with Savika management spent time in briefing our guards and reaction officers on what has been happening in Sandton and what to look out for in Sunninghill.  We have re-trained them and given them extra incentives to be on their toes in combating crime before it happens.

We ask our community to also do their bit in assisting us in keeping our crime statistics as low as possible with as few violent crimes as possible.  How do we do this?

  • Make sure your alarm is in working order.  It is your responsibility to ensure that Savika receive signals from your alarm and panic buttons.  These should be tested at the very least once a month.  Don’t just set your alarm off as there might be a genuine emergency and this could delay the
    reaction officers responding to it.  Phone Savika 0n 0861728452, don’t tell them who you are but inform them that you would like to test your alarm/panic.  When they inform you to test it do so and they will let you know if they received an activation and from where.
  • Be careful when driving home, make sure you are not being followed.  If you suspect you might be followed then proceed to a busy area or security check point and once there phone Savika and ask for an escort home.  If you are in possession of a Suncomm Panic, press this and the control room will contact you which saves you having to remember the Savika number if it is an emergency. This is particularly relevant if you have been to the shops or drawn money from a bank.
  • There has been an increase in crime being committed by suspects driving Mercedes Benz motor
    vehicle so keep your eyes on those around you.  There have also been a number of these vehicles hi-jacked so you need to be extra careful.  Again in this case the point above applies here to.
  • If you do have an emergency and have to press your panic button.  DO NOT press it repeatedly but press once and hold down firmly for a few seconds.  If you do have a suncomm panic on your cell phone you can press that as well.
  • Be our eyes and ears out there and report to Savika any suspicious people or vehicles you might
    see.  The same applies if you notice when driving past, someone’s electric fence that has been cut or is hanging loose.
  • Ensure that your home is secure, first and foremost as you are the most vulnerable here and in your

You can never have too much security and if you have not signed up for the Suncomm Panic you should do so.  The cost of between R20 and R35 per month depending on if you are a member of Sunninghill
Community is very little, especially considering that this panic goes to 8 friends, neighbours or family of your choice AND INCLUDES ARMED RESPONSE FROM SAVIKA for no extra cost.  For those of
you with iphones there is a way of putting an icon on your phone which when pressed works as a panic.  Find out more by visiting

LOOKOUT:  Lastly we ask all our residents to keep their eyes open for a C class light silver/gold Mercedes Benz, reg no BK 81 ZM GP.   If you should see this vehicle contact Savika immediately again by using your Suncomm Panic or phoning the control room on the number mentioned above.  This vehicle has been seen in Sunninghill twice and is “suspected” of having been involved in a hi-jacking in Sunninghill where a resident was followed home.

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