Crime Warning

On Saturday at approximately 17h10 a resident of Sunninghill Gardens returned home and
pulled into her garage when suddenly she was confronted by a criminal who ran into the garage behind her and pulled out a firearm.  His accomplice pulled their vehicle a black BMW X5 across her driveway.  The suspect demanded that she open the house.  The victim had a remote panic button on her car keys and in a shocked state and while trying to press the panic, she pressed the garage door remote which  caused the door to start to close.  The suspect took her laptop and fled.  She then pressed her silent panic.  The entire episode took less than two minutes.

The resident concerned was visiting her parents in Northcliff and we suspect she might have been followed home.  I have subsequently found out that police in Northcliff, Douglasdale and Bramley as well as the Sandton Saps have a lookout for a gang driving a black BMW X5.

These criminals made a huge mistake by coming into our area.  We have clear footage of the vehicle and the  suspects face from our CCTV camera’s, something the saps have not had to date.  Their days are numbered.


















As this number plate could be cloned we have removed some of the letters.  If you see this vehicle – please contact Savika on 0861728452 and the Sandton Saps Sector vehicle immediately 071 675 6094 or 071 675 6093.  Do not under any circumstances confront them as they are armed and therefore dangerous.

Reminder to residents to signup for the Suncomm Remote Panic system.  In a  situation like this it could save your life and assist us in arresting criminals such as this. Visit to find out more.

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