Proudly Sunninghill

Sunninghill Gardens is very proud of our VERY OWN RUNNINGHILL CLUB  the Sunninghill Striders as the runners and the support crew head on down for the annual Comrades Marathon.

Good luck to all of you – and for those driving down, please drive carefully!!


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Property feedback news

Community feedback Property on the cnr of Tana and Nanyuki Roads – Erf 62 

All work on this property has been stopped. There has been a bit of work done on the perimeter wall which they are allowed to do but that is all. We do know that surveyors have been on site – this however would have to happen if they contractors/owners follow due process and submit the necessary re-zoning applications and building applications. We ask residents to NOT forget about this property and to keep your eyes open for any internal building activity and for any notices that might come up on the fence at any time. Let us know immediately should you see any of the above.

ERF 1641 / 1640 commonly known as The Stables in Nanyuki Road

We are aware of plans to develop this land, which comprises of two stands. One of these stands comprises a wetland area. Rob from Sunninghill Community and two residents met with the project manager today. The project manager is well aware of what transpired with the property on the cnr of Tana/Nanyuki and mentioned it.   Rob made it clear that any plans to develop this property need to follow the law and environmental law and that if this did not happen they would find themselves in a very difficult position. They promised to send us their intent and in the interim we are onto Council to make sure we have all the info needed at our fingertips. Again whatever they want to do MUST follow the law and due process so that our residents have their right to public participation and a say. We ask you in the interim, our loyal residents to once again as you continue to keep watch over our original problem child Erf 62 to add this one onto your list and keep us informed of anything and everything to see going on here, including any notices going up.

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Streetlight Cellphone masts

Notice mini masts

22 April 2016

Dear Sunninghill Gardens residents,

We are aware of the notices that have been placed on two streetlight poles in Sunninghill Gardens with regards to cell phone mini masts. These have been placed outside no: 15/17 Lingerette Road and 13/15 Nakuru Road. We are also aware that the intention is to place an additional two to three of these masts in front of houses in other parts of Sunninghill Gardens.

Please take note that we are in conversation with Dirk Coetzee from Delphius the company contracted by Vodacom to install these masts. We also have a resident of Sunninghill Gardens who has expertise in this field who will compile a report that will explain his findings in an easy to understand format for the non-technical residents to go through. In that way we can be sure that everyone understands what is going on and is on the same page, and then the ENTIRE COMMUNITY can make a well informed decision.

Sunninghill Gardens and so does the Sunninghill Community Ratepayers Association stand by its commitment to ensure that public participation is adhered to.

We will keep you posted. Should you receive any communication on this from the company above, please send to me at

Kind regards

Linda Gildenhuys

Sunninghill Gardens Homeowners Association

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Dear Community,

Today a flyer was being handed out in Sunninghill by the IEC. I believe they will be continuing with this until Sunday. This flyer is very confusing and indicates that you might have to re-register to vote. To make it simple:

  • If you were previously (for previous elections) registered to vote at the Sunninghill Village Shopping centre (Spar) you do not have to re-register BUT WILL be voting at ST PETTERS COLLEGE on Election Day.
  • If you are not registered to vote in Sunninghill, you will have to register here to vote.  To do this you will register at the TENT – Sunninghill Spar (village shopping centre) between 08h30 to 16h40 on the 5th or 6th of March.
  • If you wish to double check where you are registered to vote use this app:  to check.


Sunninghill Community Ratepayers Association.

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United we stand – divided we fall

UNITED WE STAND – DIVIDED WE FALL – Proud to serve this amazing community called Sunninghill

Council confirmed yesterday and has notified the developer of the property on the cnr of Tana and Nanyuki that the application he claims was in place since 2008, which would have allowed “short cutting” the process without public participation was never finalized, had now lapsed and that the developer would have to apply for rezoning from scratch.

Now Sunninghill Community Ratepayer…s Association never voiced any opinion on what should or should not be built on that corner. Our duty is to our residents. Our duty is to protect our resident’s rights. Our residents have a right to voice their approval or disapproval, it is their future, their investment after all. They were not being afforded that right and so we fought for that right. The notice (which Council knew nothing of) indicated that the developer wished to build a school of some sorts, however, the point is not really about a school being built or anything else for that matter but the process or lack thereof and the lack of apparent respect for the law. The notice talks about a school with dormitory (is this school then open for local children?) and mentions other facilities. What are these other facilities? We called for objections based on these facts and the lack of others. Lack of due process and lack of transparency. If they follow the law and we receive all the details, we have our public participation – and we are happy, well then we can withdraw our objections. However should we not take a stand and allow this developer to continue without consultation and due process, heaven knows what could be built and we would simply have to live with the consequences.

We have succeeded in our quest. The developer has to do what we fought for and that is apply from scratch and follow the rules. We thank our residents or their support and for the “literally hundreds of objections received” and encouragement. We would also like to thank our Ward Councillor Annette Deppe for her support and assistance in ensuring due process was followed.

The battle is not over as we have to now police that this due process going forward is adhered to. If it is not, we will call on you our community once again.

We will in any case call on you when the official, legitimate application is submitted. You will then have an opportunity to voice your views and will have to follow the same process you have just followed but with more information. YOU WILL HAVE YOUR RIGHT TO HAVE A SAY IN WHAT HAPPENS IN YOUR AREA.

Again I have to say …. In a time when “people just don’t get involved”. Our community responded … We are an awesome community and a united one. You just got to love Sunninghill and our fantastic residents!!!

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Objection process property cnr Tana and Nanyuki

12 February 2016

OBJECTION PROCESS:  Please read this carefully, we understand that this is a long mail but it is important you read the entire document fully.  Firstly I will try to explain to you why we have to go this route:

In 2008 the previous owner of this property put in an application to re-zone the property to Residential 3.  This application however was never completed due to various reasons.  As this was never completed the property is currently zoned Residential 1 and Farm.   It is currently in some archive at Council and not valid.

The notice that has now been attached to the perimeter fence of this property – “assumes that this rezoning” is in place and they are indicating that they wish to amend the zoning from Residential 3 to “special for educational purposes & associated facilities including a dormitory”.   It is our belief and that of our Councillor and experts in Council that the zoning time has lapsed and that the developer/owner would have to reapply to rezone from Agricultural/farm/ residential one to residential 3,  Continue reading

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URGENT rezoning application notice

rezoning application cnr Tana Nanyuki

Dear Community,

The attached rezoning application was put up on the perimeter fence of the property on the cnr of Tana and Nanyuki Roads yesterday afternoon.

We will be getting a copy of the full application with details which we will put up on our website for your information. Sunninghill Community have fought long and hard to earn you your right of public participation ie having a say in what is built in your area. Now is your turn to have your say.   Once we have studied this application we will assist you in how you should object. We would encourage all our residents to object based on the following:

  • The history of what has transpired and this developer/owners actions to date
  • Objections put you in a position of strength as each one has to be dealt with.  It gives you the opportunity to say NO and also if you are happy with what is to be built, it gives you the opportunity to negotiate on certain aspects of the development
  • If you miss the opportunity to object – you will have no say later on, on what might appear on this site
  • Objections can be withdrawn – but one cannot object later than the given date.

We will be corresponding with you later today or tomorrow on the objection process. Again I emphasise, we have fought long and hard to ensure the law and due process is followed, which cements your right to have a say, but when it comes to the next step – it is up to you.

Kind regards

Linda Gildenhuys

Sunninghill Gardens

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Crime hotspot warning

Residents please take note that the cnr of Witkoppen and Rivonia roads have become A CRIME HOTSPOT, this is especially true between 23h00 and 03h30.

Vehicles stopping at this intersection at night are experiencing smash and grabs and there has also been 1 case where the victim was robbed at gunpoint. Victims who are on their own are being targeted, especially females.

We are in discussion with our security company and the Sandton Saps to address this.


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Driveway Robbery in Sunninghill Park

Please see attached driveway robbery warning / crime report

Driveway Robbery

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January 2016 update

12 January 2016

By now most of you will be back into your normal routines and hopefully well rested.  A new year is like a blank book, and the pen is in our hands. While wishing you all good health, safety and success in the coming year, we thank you for your support in 2015, we hope that you will lift up your pens with us in 2016 as we write another chapter in our Sunninghill history.  With your help we will endeavour to make this a good chapter for all our Sunninghill family.

Feedback on the happenings in Sunninghill over the December/January holidays:

  • Property on the cnr of Tana / Nanyuki.  The developer stopped work for a short time over December, giving us a much needed break and the chance to recharge our energies to carry on the fight to ensure that he follows and adheres to the law.  Unfortunately he has shown his true colours and we believe will not give up in trying to cut corners.  Having said this we are on top of this and are ensuring that the correct procedures are being followed by the Council Attorneys.  Please keep feeding us information and observations and any sign of any notices displayed or half hidden.  We will come back to you on developments as they occur.  Rest assured we will fight to ensure that the law is adhered to and that our residents have their right to public participation.
  • Crime:   In general crime was low in Sunninghill Gardens and Sunninghill Park with an unfortunate exception of 3 rather concerning house breakings in Sunninghill Estates.  In all three of these crimes the power to the free standing homes was switched off at the Eskom boxes resulting in the alarm batteries running flat.  All three homes were within 500m or so of each other and we are investigating the possibility that the criminal was looking after a property or living there at the time.  The first house they opened the unlocked Eskom box and turned off the power.  The second house the resident had a lock on the Eskom box but the criminal broke the hinges, opened the box and closed it again so that it looked untampered with unless closely examined.  Both these incidents were discovered within a short period of time of each other.  The 3rd incident was discovered a few days ago.  The Eskom box was locked and not tampered with.  When the resident returned, he found he had been broken into and informed Savika that the lock on the Eskom box was not his.

The Eskom boxes in Sunninghill are a security risk.  The majority are not locked and those that are, are easily broken into.  Sunninghill Community will investigate the possibility of having Eskom replace these boxes with something more secure.   In the interim please keep an eye on your Eskom boxes to ensure they have not been tampered with.  If you do receive notification of your power being off, check your Eskom boxes to make sure your power has not been maliciously turned off.  Our investigation into these crimes continues.

  • Arrest:  We would like to congratulate Savika for the arrest made of a suspect who was responsible for theft out of a motor vehicle at a local shopping centre.  The criminal was arrested by Savika managers and Reaction officers and handed over to the Sandton Saps.


Kind regards

Linda Gildenhuys

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