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Wish list for Sunninghill – Council budget planning


Dear Residents,

Every year we are requested to submit requirements to the City Councils Integrated Development Plan (IDP). This is a very important process that enables us as a community to submit requirements that can improve the infrastructure and beautification of our suburb.

Attached is an input form for you to record such requirements. Please complete the form and return them to the Sunninghill Community office at Suncommunity@iafrica.com. We will then consolidate all the requirements and then submit on your behalf.

This is a very important process so please give it your serious commitment.

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Sunninghill Community Festival

Dear Community,

A reminder of the Sunninghill Community Festival this weekend.  The ladies have worked incredibly hard and this promises to be the best one yet!  There will be in the vicinity of 30 market stalls, beer tent and band, entertainment for the kids and FOR THOSE RUGBY FANS – we have organised a big screen TV so that you can watch the Springboks beat the Wallabies.



Come and enjoy the day with us.

This Saturday 10h30 – 16h00

Sunninghill Gardens Park off Kitui / Kitale and Kisumu Roads

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Sunninghill Gardens 20th birthday

Community flyer21

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Crime warning June 2016

WARNING: Please take note that this criminal below who performed a robbery in Sunninghill some time back has hit again, this time in Rivonia (Edenburg).   He approaches people on foot under the guise of asking for directions, then pulls out a firearm and robs them. If you should see this bike in Sunninghill please call Savika on 0861 728 452 immediately. The delivery box on the back of the black bike does not have any markings but you can see that there were stickers on it previously. The bike was stolen in Mondeor some 3 months ago.


There has been an increase in this type of crime all over Sandton. In this case the suspect is using this bike, in other cases they are in cars. They drive around looking for someone walking along the road or at a bus stop, talking on their phones. They pull up, grab the phone or other belongings and before you know it have jumped back into their vehicle as sped off. Please try not to carry your phone in your hand or use it when walking.

WARNING: The Rivonia Interchange has become a crime HOTSPOT. Be wary of anyone on foot at all off-ramps and onramps.   The off-ramp from Pretoria/East Rand seems to be a problem specifically in the early morning. In the past week there were two incidents of smash and grabs, one on a Tuesday at 05h50 and Wednesday at 06h00. There was also a smash and grab on Wednesday at 20h00.

WARNING: Follow from shopping centre robberies (driveway robberies) continues to haunt Johannesburg Northern suburbs. Please make sure you are not being followed and avoid drawing large amounts of cash at bank or wearing expensive jewellery.

WARNING: Theft out of motor vehicles continues to be a problem at all shopping centres. Please ensure you do not leave any valuables in your car and do not let anyone see you putting anything in your boot or removing anything. A number of these crimes we see criminals tampering with the door lock or breaking a window and opening the boot to remove valuables.

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Cable thief arrested

Sunninghill Community was very pleased to be able to issue a reward and certificate of excellence to Officer Zikhale from Savika Armed Response this morning.

Savika Arrest

Officer Zikhale single handedly chased and arrested a criminal who he came across in the process of cable theft outside San Lorenzo complex this morning.

Cable theft has become a huge problem and we are thrilled with this Reaction Officers swift action.  This is the second time this officer has arrested a criminal in our suburb.


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The Sunninghill Community Ratepayers Association, this morning, being the 11th of June received notification that the JRA will be embarking on a resurfacing project at the Sunninghill Taxi Rank/holding area on Monday 13th June.

In their communication the Transport Department , City of Johannesburg say and we quote: “The challenge we are facing is that there is no other place to relocate them too temporarily.” This process has a start date of 13 June and completion date of 30th of June, according to the JRA.

We envisage that this is going to cause problems in Sunninghill with little to no warning or planning being given. We ask residents to take note of the above an exercise patience as this will no doubt lead to a large number of informal park off areas springing up all over the suburb. We also suggest that you avoid the use of Witkoppen Road as far as possible.

We will monitor the situation and be in contact with JMPD if the need arises.

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Proudly Sunninghill

Sunninghill Gardens is very proud of our VERY OWN RUNNINGHILL CLUB  the Sunninghill Striders as the runners and the support crew head on down for the annual Comrades Marathon.

Good luck to all of you – and for those driving down, please drive carefully!!


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Property feedback news

Community feedback Property on the cnr of Tana and Nanyuki Roads – Erf 62 

All work on this property has been stopped. There has been a bit of work done on the perimeter wall which they are allowed to do but that is all. We do know that surveyors have been on site – this however would have to happen if they contractors/owners follow due process and submit the necessary re-zoning applications and building applications. We ask residents to NOT forget about this property and to keep your eyes open for any internal building activity and for any notices that might come up on the fence at any time. Let us know immediately should you see any of the above.

ERF 1641 / 1640 commonly known as The Stables in Nanyuki Road

We are aware of plans to develop this land, which comprises of two stands. One of these stands comprises a wetland area. Rob from Sunninghill Community and two residents met with the project manager today. The project manager is well aware of what transpired with the property on the cnr of Tana/Nanyuki and mentioned it.   Rob made it clear that any plans to develop this property need to follow the law and environmental law and that if this did not happen they would find themselves in a very difficult position. They promised to send us their intent and in the interim we are onto Council to make sure we have all the info needed at our fingertips. Again whatever they want to do MUST follow the law and due process so that our residents have their right to public participation and a say. We ask you in the interim, our loyal residents to once again as you continue to keep watch over our original problem child Erf 62 to add this one onto your list and keep us informed of anything and everything to see going on here, including any notices going up.

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Streetlight Cellphone masts

Notice mini masts

22 April 2016

Dear Sunninghill Gardens residents,

We are aware of the notices that have been placed on two streetlight poles in Sunninghill Gardens with regards to cell phone mini masts. These have been placed outside no: 15/17 Lingerette Road and 13/15 Nakuru Road. We are also aware that the intention is to place an additional two to three of these masts in front of houses in other parts of Sunninghill Gardens.

Please take note that we are in conversation with Dirk Coetzee from Delphius the company contracted by Vodacom to install these masts. We also have a resident of Sunninghill Gardens who has expertise in this field who will compile a report that will explain his findings in an easy to understand format for the non-technical residents to go through. In that way we can be sure that everyone understands what is going on and is on the same page, and then the ENTIRE COMMUNITY can make a well informed decision.

Sunninghill Gardens and so does the Sunninghill Community Ratepayers Association stand by its commitment to ensure that public participation is adhered to.

We will keep you posted. Should you receive any communication on this from the company above, please send to me at sunninghillgardens@gmail.com

Kind regards

Linda Gildenhuys

Sunninghill Gardens Homeowners Association

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